Programming and Space Planning

This phase is often skipped despite resulting in the greatest cost savings benefit to the client. Since many projects are completed in phases, effective programming and planning can produce configurations that result in lower costs of future phases. In this phase, we generally review the client’s business activities to ensure that we understand them and certain workflow inefficiencies may surface that result in the need for LESS space or more efficient space configurations that can reduce costs.

Budgeting Assistance

Our relationships with contractors and sub-contractors keep us abreast of current trends in construction costs. This helps our clients maintain a more accurate budget throughout the design process as we focus on making more cost-effective decisions.

Schematic/Conceptual Design Studies

During this phase we work closely with our clients as their “vision” begins to take form. Most of the design is accomplished during this phase and everyone benefits as we begin to more clearly understand the requirements and relationships of the project when juxtaposed against the physical opportunities of the site.

We also review current market trends with contractors to determine construction methods and material pricing. Construction details for the design, selected by the client, are developed and we produce a pricing package that provides confidence that the project is still within the desired budget.

Design Documentation

Once the design is selected and developed to the client’s satisfaction, we document the design intent using various dimensioned, annotated plans, elevations and sections. Certain details are provided and our specifications call out materials selected during the design process.

Bidding Assistance and Construction Administration

We assist the client in developing a list of qualified contractors and obtaining pricing proposals from them. During the bidding phase we respond to inquiries (RFIs), consider alternate construction methodologies and review material substitution requests to ensure that these offer the same value as the original design.

Value Engineering

While providing value engineering services, we work with contractors and sub-contractors to ensure project costs are reduced WITHOUT reducing the benefit to the client. The same value for less cost is “value engineering”. Reducing cost and benefit is simply “cheapening”.

Too often a cost saving idea is presented that may reduce costs in one area or to one trade only to increase costs in another area or to another trade. We work to avoid cost transfer.


Site Assessments and Master Planning

We assist our clients by reviewing the constraints and opportunities of potential sites. We have been asked to review multiple sites to assist clients in their decision process. We have been asked to review a single site to determine the opportunities available in developing that site.

During either situation, we review the client’s initial program, the applicable zoning requirements and building codes to determine the maximum buildable volume available within the codes, as written. We then determine whether the initial program can be constructed within that volume. While often more costly, vertical construction is more efficient for site development and we assist the client in evaluating the benefits of each alternative.

Accessibility Reviews and Facility Assessments

We have provided accessibility and facility assessments of our private and government clients existing facilities and facilities being considered for acquisition. We maintain a close relationship with registered accessibility specialists to ensure that our projects are designed in accordance with the applicable guidelines of TAS and ADA.

We were selected to evaluate educational facilities on most of the Native American reservations, throughout the United States. The purpose was to validate noted and identify new deficiencies in Air Quality, Life Safety, Accessibility and Energy Efficiency.


Project Management, Scheduling, Owner Representation

G2 has experience as owner’s representatives, managing projects valued at $70M throughout the United States and internationally. Regardless of the project size, we approach every project as if we are the owners.

We use the latest project scheduling software and so our best to stay abreast of the latest techniques in effective CPM scheduling.