Griggs Group Inc. is a small, full-service architectural design, planning and management firm. We understand the efficiency of being able to provide complete turn-key development services; including architecture and project management. We’ve teamed with developers, consultants, contractors and end users on a variety of project types to ensure the highest quality projects are constructed on time and within budget.

Our “Philosophy” is more a business philosophy than a design philosophy because we make it our business to understand our client’s business. This simple focus is what differentiates our firm from other firms.

We understand that a functional layout, appropriate environmental design with appropriate day lighting impacts employee morale and welfare – contributing to a more efficient work force. During the programming phase, we work with our client to more fully understand the business requirements and interaction of their staff.

Studies have shown that a connection to the outdoors (via windows) results in: increased productivity in office facilities, higher test scores in educational facilities, increased sales in retail facilities and reduced stays in medical facilities.

We also understand that our client’s facilities will be in operation far longer than they will be in construction. Money well spent during construction may result in much more money saved during operation. During the design phases, we strive to develop the most cost efficient design that meets the client’s requirements for the life of the facility.

Most of our clients are repeat clients and come from referrals from contractors, sub-contractors and other clients.

Griggs Group Inc. has provided a wide variety of services on numerous public, private and public/private projects throughout the country.  We have worked at the local, state and federal government levels throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe. See our Portfolio section for information on what we offer on specific project types.

Our Team

Over the years we have found, in every size firm, that a small, highly-experienced team of professionals can complete virtually any size project far more effectively than a larger group, requiring greater management and overhead. For that reason;   G2 is small – by design !

Glenn Griggs: Principal,  Architect

Glenn has over 30 years experience in the design and construction industry. He believes that each building has it’s own personality derived from the intended use, the owner’s culture and the surrounding environment.  He maintains that the best way to design a functional building is to fully understand the owner’s business intent and requirements prior to putting pencil to paper.  He believes that providing this level of professional service requires involving the client in every phase of design. Glenn is intimately involved in all aspects of every project and personally meets with each client throughout the project development.

Mark Canterbury: Director of Education Design, Architect

Mark has over 35 years of specialized experience in school planning and design. As a Registered Architect he has worked with over 25 Texas school districts on individual building projects. He has assisted fast growth districts with the planning, passage, and successful completion of bond programs for over 15 years. He is a member of CEFPI, TASBO, AIA, TSA and has managed over a half a billion dollars of school planning and construction projects.

Greg Jones: Production Design Manager, Registered Accessibility Specialist

Greg is a Registered Accessibility Specialist with over 10 years of specific field experience, prior to focusing on drawing design, that results in a very detailed set of construction documents. He has served on local and national user groups and beta testers for Autodesk. His involvement in the design and contract administration phases ensures that the design intent is carried through to the documentation and construction. He is our senior production manager responsible for managing the production staff and has been responsible for design documentation at G2 for more than 15 years.